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The Avon Protection Rescuer RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) System offers a remote air supply for RIT Teams to support down SCBA users or non-fire department personnel in need of emergency supply of breathing air. The Rescuer provides many options to connect to any type of SCBA including industry standard fittings. The pigtail quick-connects to the industry-standard RIC fitting supplied on SCBAs for easy use. The Rescuer can also be utilized as a victim rescue system in the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) configuration. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Designed to hold any type of SCBA mask and use any size SCBA cylinder
  • Quick-Draw RIC/UAC hose pocket pulls hose end out and ready to grab
  • Heat-ShieldTM skid plate covers bottom to protect bag and is low friction when dragging
  • Flashlight holder on top makes bag easier to find in low visibility conditions
  • 60” shoulder strap can be re-positioned for carrying, dragging, or lowering the air bottle
  • Two tool pockets provide fast access to small hand tools or light sticks

Rescuer System Options

Offers the Rescuer System to rescue trapped, missing or lost fire fighters. You have a choice between three rescues systems: the RIC, RIT, or combination system. These systems can be used with either low or high pressure cylinders in 30, 45 or 60 minute durations. All systems are carried in a durable rescue bag.

Rescuer RIT

Rescuer RIT
System Option 1

  • Supplies low pressure (100 psi) air to a downed firefighter using almost any SCBA
  • Configurable with 5 different fitting options – multiple manufacturers EBSS fittings available
  • 8' airline/pigtail reinforced hose with manifold
  • Utilizes a time proven pressure reducer
  • End of service alarm indicates at 25% of cylinder pressure
  • High flow over 500 lpm
  • Pressure relief valve
Rescuer RIC

Rescuer RIC
System Option 2

  • Transfers air to the downed firefighters cylinder through the RIC/UAC fitting
  • 3,6, or 10 ft hose with RIC fitting and high pressure handwheel
  • Air transfer takes less than 3 minutes to equalize
  • Internal valve eliminates potential for over-pressurization
  • Connects to the RIC fitting on SCBAs compliant to NFPA 1981; 2002, and newer
rescuer combo

Combo Rescuer RIT/RIC
System OPtion 3

This system combines the benefits of both RIT and RIC systems, and offers a variety of options to provide users the most versatility during rescue operations. These systems can be used with either low or high pressure cylinders in 30, 45, or 60 minute durations. Both systems are carried in a durable rescue bag.

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