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    Advancing Fire Fighting Protection


Viking z-seven

The Avon Protection (Formerly ISI) Viking Z Seven SCBA is designed specifically for fire service and heavy industrial use, with its flame-resistant straps, PASS (Personal Alert Safety System), and all other features that were required in the NFPA Standard, 1981, 2007 edition: including heads-up display and complete CBRN protection. The Viking Z Seven also includes integrated communications, with voice amplification as a standard feature, and the patented AirSwitch technology incorporated into the facemask.

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Features & Benefits

  • 10 year comprehensive electronics warranty
  • 1 battery source for quick and easy maintenance
  • Extended pressure gauge hose with luminescent dial for easier reading
  • New robust face mask hanger
  • Larger cylinder connection hand wheel for easier Operation
  • Improved electronics software for increased battery life and reliability
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Low Profile Facemask

  • Innovative, lightweight AirSwitch facemasks provide comfort and reduced user burden
  • Exceptional visibility delivered through optically correct double curve visor
  • Low profile AirSwitch regulator with one click-to-cylinder ambient air feature
  • Simple two-strap head harness with pull forward design for quick donning/doffing
vikingzseven comms

Better Communications

  • Integrated low profile Voice Amplification System (VAS) for reduced snag points
  • Engineered to balance breathing noise without impacting essential communications
  • Adjustable voice level selection automatically retained for future use
  • Nose-cup mounted Heads-Up Display with a built-in microphone for clearer communications
viking Backframe

Lighter Weight Backframe

  • Luminescent shoulder straps provide extra user identification
  • Easy-to-pull waist-belt and loop style buckles for quicker donning/doffing with gloved hands
  • Ultra-light, enclosed backframe designed to protect critical SCBA components with single C-Cell battery source
  • Universal harness assembly allows for multiple cylinder sizes and durations
viking PASS

Exceptional PASS Device and Data Logging

  • Two motion sensors eliminate false pre-alarms
  • PASS assembly housed inside sealed enclosure within the backframe
  • Single alarm PASS device is in accordance with the NFPA 1981 Standard 2007 Edition
  • Data logging for up to 2000 PASS on/off and pre-alarm/full alarm events
  • Wireless downloading of information by Guardian security device

TEchnical specs

Breathing Performance

103 Ipm with mask pressure above ambient

Environmental Range

The operating range down to -25 0 F

Materials Used


Kevlar Webbing with Stainless Steel hardware


Glass filled Polyester

Cylinder Valve

Anodized Aluminum



2216 psi 30 min


4500 psi 30 min


4500 psi 45 min


4500 psi 60 min


vikingZSeven acc BuddyBreather

Buddy Breather

Features a dual EBSS hose connection prevents exposure of the recipient or donor to ambient air during connection

vikingZSeven acc AirHose


Available for external source connection

vikingZseven Acc TEAMS

Telemetry Electronic Air Management System

Built-in telemetry tracking system with features including recall, PASS status, air pressure and time-in-fire

vikingZSeven acc Eyeglass

Eyeglass Kits

Kit clips onto the nosecup and are fully adjustable for the user’s comfort. Available in three versions – no lens, sun lens and high contrast yellow lens.

deltair EchoSeries

Echo Series

Ultrasonic tracking integrated into the SCBA, as well as the nVision Thermal Imager and stand alone beacons

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